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Fort Collins Music Experiment

April 13-14, 2012

Fort Collins, CO USA



The T-Band, Devyn Robuck, Pulled at Four Pins, Elmer Funk, Places, Tim Gauthier Trio, luengliss, Tuatha, You Me and Apollo, Mark Manges Project, THROAT, Buzz Brothers Band, Bonnie and the Clydes, Rob Wilson Blues Band, Widow's Bane, Tramps, Lindsey O'Brien Band, Johnny Hickman, Ryan Fourt Trio, Undeclared, Dead Floyd, MurderARRRs, Blue Grama, Bourbon Toothpaste, Honey Glitters, The 3 Twins, Constitution, Galaxies, Mary D'Ambra, Steve Cobb, Away From Nothing, Lara Jai, Love Dollz, Sarah Louise Pieplow, Saja Butler, Monroe Sky, Shotgun Shogun, Alex McBride, Boner, A Strange Country, Rest Easy Atlas, Electric Shoes, Plasmacrash, Covergeist, Jason Downing and Greg Sheets Beatlemania, Chris Nucci, Nautical Mile, Thirfty Astronaut, Echoes of Neon, Five Day Rhetoric, BJ and the Elways, Lonesome Traveler Band, Magic Cyclops, Kathryn Mostow, Bronze, Battery, Blendercats, Dave Dardine, Cotton Keys, Zaro, Michael Kirkpatrick, Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers, Catch Bees, Spicy Fingaz, Dusty Neil Band, Barley Davidson, Lee Avenue, Press, The Big Motif, Christopher Jak, Kode Krush, Blue Hour, Jeff Brinkman Band, Cualli, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Velocyti Raptor, Faded Freakshow, Tyler Lindgren, The Heydey, Ghost in the Machine, Wire Faces, Jill Brzezicki, Untyed Laces, Rejekted Kauses, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Goldenboy, Key of Joy, Artificial Flesh, Action Bastard, Branden Sipes, DJ Stringer Bell, 2 Star Motel, Offbeat Revolution, In the Mojo, County 11, Knotty K, Jon Boland, Mourned by Flies, Rosewood Divine, Awaken the Masses, Jonathan Tiersten, BoomTwang, The Sickly Ferguson, P-Nuckle, Silence Fades, Fustercluck, The Seers, Team Weav, Dale Cisek Band, Amplified Souls, Convalescents, Vandelay Industries, Stone Cricket, Breaking Radio, Michael Stone, Beastleg, Robert Cline Jr., Mister Mistress, Party Boys of the Century, Walks at Midnight, H.O.S.S., Wyvern Spire, Sista Suz and the Groove Dudes, Tell 'Em Like It Ain't, The Echo Chamber, Chad Price, Dinero, House Buffalo, Kick Majestic, B34N5, Alive Inside, Peace Officer, Gret Weather, Guerilla Radio, Danger Bros, Give 'Er Hell, Endless Monster, Blast Pattern, In the Whale, Otem Rellik, Sam, Well Hell, Chris Jones, Green Eggs n Ham, Seth Abrumz, Cut Time, Roof Drain, Scatter Brains, Bi-Polar Bears, Lincoln Jam Band, Sheep for Wheat, Pat It Forward, Ghost in the Machine, HR People, Hot Coal, Anchorage, Quantum Theory, Songs for the Awkward, DNE, Futaba, Pale Sister, Are You Serious?, Gremlins, Elyse Miller, Shannon Kate, Brain Damaged Geeks, Nu Classics, The Varmints, The Acidophiles, James Harrington, Little Red Head Jen, Kingman Brewster, Mamma Lenny and the Remedy, Rome Incarnate, Pretty Noise, ReaLifeActual, John Magnie, Wasteland Hop, Stella Luce, Pete Harvey, Malai Lama, Blue Taboo, Jeremy Page, Gipsy Skillet, Amber Baack, Josh Vogeler, Regret Night, Franklin Taggart, Brittany Devens, The Blues Rectifiers, Carolyn Lauttenbach, A Side of Gravy, Melissa Ivey Band, Erik Babineau, Fatty Jenkins, Justin Roth, Pull the Alarm, Envisions, Swashbuckling Doctors, DJ Grimm, vee device, Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Better than Bacon, Jordan Twiggs, Baily Stauffer and the Katy Janes, Hot Gazpacho, Bladeyarder, Contraband, Ska Skank Redemption, Blind Strike, Musuji, Maxwell Hughes, Max Barcelow, Bill Smith, Wasabi, Dave and the Gin Mill Gypsies, Dirtboys, Supercollider, Mr. Marty, Edgewater Juke, Lee Holiday and the Time Off, Lovetet, Lexi Shanley, Commoners, Stud Mushroom, Cluster, Tyler T., MOSS, The Morning Clouds, High Altitude, Card 13, Shatterproof, DJ Dras, Ladykilla, Candy Claws, High Wire Walker, Hoopligans, The Holler!, Marq Kraker, Atomic Pablo, Qbala, Pink Elephants, Twine!, Gypsy Fit, Conrad Marshall, Die Eisenhower, The Grippe, Good Gravy, 2 Scoops, Jimeni, Aklock, Auditory Elements, Ras Cus, Wendy Woo, Sleezer, 12 Cents for Marvin, Dat New Krew, Slobber, Shane Curtiss Miller, Castaway, Matt Skinner, Chaotic Serenity, Autumn Burn, No More Excuses, WhiteCatPink, Hwy 287, Shane Burke, The Symbols, Nutricula, Gypsy's Curse, Master Tim, Turn 4, Shawn Waggoner, Rich With Friends, THUNK, Frost Thane, My Body Sings Electric, Plumbers of Rome, Yettie, Rudie Clash, Immortal Dominion, Common Anomaly, LeeLah, Escape Goats, Meadowlark Jivin, Black Sunday Social, Shaving Peggy, Hermanos de los Muertos, Liz Barnez, That's Science!, Fifty to Phoenix, Jeff Finlin, Talisker Sky, Dubliminal Message, True Aristocrats, Spangler, Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams, The Patti Fiasco, Hesh Plus, Post Paradise, Starcrusher, AM Pleasure Assassins










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